Customer Satisfaction

Here are some quotes from our customers:

WINTER 2012 – 2013

“It was the best guided trip I have taken. The guides’ familiarity with the Famagusta area enabled us to visit several sites and diverse habitats in an afternoon. Their excellent spotting scope was essential to identifying a number of birds beyond the range of binoculars. Winter birding in N. Cyprus is marvelously diverse and quite accessible by automobile, I heartily recommend CWE to any birder from beginner to expert. ”

Bob Knox; Richmond, Virginia USA


“Highly recommend to twitchers and others ready to be persuaded by the enthusiasm shown by you. Thank you for the lovely photograph and happy memories. We go home this coming Wednesday but have noted in our diary to contact you in Jan when we come back.”

Sincerely, Gerald and Cynthia Cockroft

“Just wanted to express my grateful thanks for your input to today’s trip. I had previously visited two of the areas, but not the Haspolat wetlands –amazing to see so much water, and such large flocks of water birds”

Enid Stains

”It was a really fascinating day and Jennifer and I enjoyed it so much. Best of luck with your new enterprise”

John Graham

“Keep on doing what you do! Has been great birding tour. Thanks for that.”

Greetings, Ronald

“I thought the day was really good, informative at all times, Robin and Damla always pointing out birds to look at and giving detail on them.”

“I have enjoyed watching birds all my life but haven’t been on many bird watching expeditions. It was a very interesting and informative morning as Robin is so knowledgeable about various aspects of biodiversity on the island.”



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