Birdwatching Sites

Sites that we run trips to include the following designated and proposed Important Bird Areas:


Gönyeli Dam: One of the most important wetlands in Mesarya/Mesaoria Plain

1. Mesarya/Mesaoria Plain—where in summer the Kanlıdere River attracts migrants from the surrounding parched lands. The plains support European Roller, Red-Backed Shrike, Calandra Lark and all harrier species.

2. Koruçam/Kormakitis Peninsula—with coastal scrub & forests where Eleonora’s Falcon forage in late spring and where water birds and raptors bottleneck during their southward migration.

3. Mağusa/Famagusta Wetlands-with breeding populations of Cattle Egret, Spur-winged Plover and Glossy Ibis, plus in winter masses of migrant waders and Flamingos.

4. Karpaz/Karpasia Peninsula–A huge geographic bottleneck through which migrating birds funnel during spring. Hoopoe, Golden Oriole, variousshrikes, wheatears, flycatchers and raptors are common.

5. Beşparmak/Pentadactylos Mountains-Breeding ground for our two endemics and our largest raptor the Bonelli’s Eagle.

These sites are among the most breathtaking areas of natural scenic beauty in Cyprus.


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